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25 February 2009

Green-winged Macaw

Green-winged Macaw (綠翅金剛鸚鵡)
Brazil (2007)
10th December, 2007. Ribeirão Porto

I like to collect bird stamps of course, but I especially collect parrot and penguin stamps as they are beautiful and cute. See this cover is ordinary enough as only four stamps on the envelope, for me I am happy to receive this cover as the stamp is Macaw, although next three are other stamps. Green-winged Macaw is live in area of Amazon, north part of South America. It has colourful feathers and sings loudly sound, thus become popular pet in the world.

Quantity of wild lived Green-winged Macaw are decreasing, most of birds are breeding by human. Pet them is not easy, it needs a lot of space and much time, by the way as always sings or studies talking with master, it will have many interesting and fulfill from the pet.

Thanks Flávio sent this mail for me, I am happy to know him in Facebook again.
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