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15 February 2009

King Penguin in Grenada

King Penguin (國王企鵝)
Grenada (1998)
17th July, 2008. St George's (via London)

What's up ? Can I find King Penguin in Grenada ? There is a small country in a part of Lesser Antilles, Caribbean. A famous vacation place for European and American, its stamps also very popular in the world - most of them are selling to collector and most of theme are not related to the country.

Actually King Penguin only lives in sub-Antarctica area, includes Falkland Islands. King Penguin is smaller than Emperor Penguin but they look similarly, chick's hair are in blown colour instead of grey of Emperor Penguin. However many zoos and theme parks in different countries are feeding numbers of King Penguin, for education or training for tourist show. Those countries sometimes issue King Penguin stamps to donation or commemorate these zoos and theme parks opened anniversary.
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