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8 February 2009

Snowy Egret

Snowy Egret (美洲雪鷺)
St Vincent and the Grenadines (1997)
4th August, 2008. Kingstown, St Vincent

I don't like this souvenir sheet and the cover, as all kind of elements are specialise for collectors. Many Caribbean countries happy to issue many stamps for philatelic market, St Vincent is one of these countries. This souvenir sheet issued on 1997 which is one of a set of two souvenir sheets, another one is American Flamingo (大紅鶴).

Snowy Egret is not rear bird in the world. Same as other species in Ardeidae family, it looks beautiful with long white tails. Although it is migrated from North America to Latin America includes West Indies, some of them are permanent residents in Caribbean area. Because of its beautiful hairs, it is being endangered by market hunters as decorations for women's hats.

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