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9 February 2009

White Stork

White Stork (白鸛)
Congo, Republic of (2001)
22nd May, 2008. Brazzaville

I felt very surprise when I got back this mail. This mail, with the maxicard I have been posted in here was sent to Congo on early 2008 for obtain cancellations. Actually I don't have mint Congo bird stamps, so I enclosed one IRC on my request for return postage. After it came back, found it frank with one White Stork stamp which issued on 2001. How wonderful as the stamp is very rare in market and whole set of stamps is selling in high price.

However, I checked Congo does not have any record of White Stork, the nearest place can be observed is Ngorongoro Conservation Area which located in Tanzania. They are largely live in mainland of Europe, Iberian peninsula, Eurasia and northern China.

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