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18 March 2009

Blue-tailed Bee Eater

Blue-tailed Bee Eater (栗喉蜂虎)
Taiwan (2003)
4th June, 2008. Tingbao (Kinning Township), Kinmen

Blue-tailed Bee Easter is one species of Meropidae (蜂虎科), it widely lives in south-east Asia, New Guinea, Philippines, Sri Lanka and India. In Taiwan, it only can be found in Kinmen, mostly in ditch of valleys, sand-wall beside seashore or pounds and a ridge between fields. As Kinmen nearest mainland China, it was closed to public before 1993, thus the natural environment can be kept as original. However the situation changed after 1993. Most of birds will fly to Kinmen on March to April in each years with their attractive sound, until to October they leave after they bred their chicken.
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