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10 March 2009


Simon Gregorčič (西蒙 克萊高里)
Slovenia (1994)
20th September, 2007. Soča

Simon Gregorčič (1844-1906) is a Slovenia poet born in Vrsno, Kobarid, a small village above the river Soča. His famous poem Soči (To The Soča) is one of the masterpieces of Slovenian poetry. Slovenia issued 4 stamps to commemorate 150th anniversary of his birth and other three poets' birth or death on 1994. This stamp illustrated a Nightingale (夜鶯), a honorary title of his one lyrics nightingale of Gorica and sight of Soča.

Nightingale is in grey colour. Feathers not beautiful but it can sing nice songs. Not likes other birds, it can sing at night so it got the name as this behaviour.
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