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22 March 2009

Owls of Belarus

900r : Great Grey Owl (烏林鴞)
From left to right :
500r : Little Owl (縱紋腹小鴞) ; 500r : Eurasian Eagle-Owl (鵰鴞)
1000r : Ural Owl (長尾林鴞) ; 1000r : Eurasian Scops Owl (西紅角鴞)
Belarus (2005, 2008)

2nd March, 2009. Minsk

Again, thanks Alexander of the great help of the cover. This cover bearing five different owl stamps, the left hand one was issued on 2005 and other four are in one set was issued on 2008. Those owls, except Scops Owl can't be found in northern European area, they are commonly live in Eurasia continent.

The cover also features two flower definitive stamps issued on 2008, they are Petunia (矮牽牛) and Narcissus (水仙).
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