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1 April 2009

Beautiful doves of Philippines

First row (from left to right) :
Black-naped Oriole (黃鸝) ; Amethyst Brown Dove (大褐果鳩)
Grey Imperial Pigeon (馬來灰皇鳩) ; Red Turtle Dove (火班鳩)
Pied Imperial Pigeon (斑皇鳩) ; Spotted Imperial Pigeon (點斑皇鳩)
Second row (from left to right) :
Asian Fairy Bluebird (和平鳥) ; Mindanao Bleeding-heart Pigeon (巴氏雞鳩)
Nicobar Pigeon (綠蓑鴿) ; Black-chinned Fruit Dove (黑頦果鳩)
Metallic Pigeon (白喉林鴿) ; Pink-necked Green Pigeon (紅頸綠鳩)
Philippines (2007, 2008)

19th March, 2009. Araneta Center, Cubao (Quezon City)
23rd March, 2009. Manila

After the beautiful dove covers from Fiji, today I received another beautiful dove stamps cover but sent from Philippines, which sent by Myron, thank you his great job of this mail. Those birds, mostly are endemic to Philippines, or only can be found in south-west Pacific area, such as Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia or Oceania countries.

Philippines issued a set of definitive stamps feature more than 25 beautiful birds from 2007, the block of ten is one of them. Beside of this se-tangent block, this cover also franked with other two definitive stamps. However, little bit disappointed thing is the printing quality is not good enough.
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