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14 April 2009

Birds in French Guyana

Left : Channel-billed Toucan (藍面巨嘴鳥)
Right : Purple-throated Carib (紫喉蜂鳥)
France (2003)
27th November, 2007. Moselle
6th December, 2007. Hongkong

Sometimes, mails from dealers are only with machine or computer postmark, as they don't know me collect the cover. Above example is one with such oddly French inkjet computer postmark and I needed couple of times to find where did the cover from. Hope I don't have any wrong if it is Moselle's postmark.

Two stamps are illustrated birds live in French Guyana, overseas territory of France in South America. Channel-billed Toucan and Purple-throated Carib are commonly can be found in topical rainforest or the islands of Caribbean respectably. French Guyana is in the south of Caribbean and also north-east of South America, so there is no surprise to find the birds from these two areas.
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