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8 April 2009

Birds of Malaysia

From left to right :
50sen : Great Argus (大眼斑雉)
20sen : Mountain Peacock-Pheasant (銅尾孔雀雉)
RM1 : Crestless Fireback (棕尾火背鷴) ; 30sen : Crested Argus (鳳頭眼斑雉)
Malaysia (2000)
30th March, 2009. Cyberjava, Sepang

Thanks for Ronny of this nice registered mail, the mail franked whole set of bird stamps issued on 2000, seem it is too colourful and not looks comfortable. Those four species are very common in Malaysia, included Malaya Peninsula and Bomeo. I don't have any details of these species except Great Argus, it is the most beautiful bird in south-east Asia as it has full of blue spots under wings, and also a pair of big eyes.
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