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2 April 2009

Chinese bird paintings

From left to right :
NT$5 : Yellow-throated Bunting (黃喉鵐) ; NT$9 : Green Peafowl (綠孔雀)
NT$13 : Mallard (綠頭鴨) ; NT$15 : Chinese Grey Shrike (楔尾伯勞)
Taiwan (2008)
21st March, 2009. Taoyuan

Some collectors do not think bird painting stamps are related to bird theme, as the topic is painting instead of animals, although the paintings can be identified what species drawn. Above set, issued by Taiwan to commemorate stamp exhibition held on 2008, selected four paintings from National Palace Museum collection, thank you Oliver sent me the nice cover with these bird stamps. Selected paintings were drawn by four different artists in Sung (960-1279), Yuan (1276-1368) and Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) separately. The stamp set Illustrated four different species of birds, however some of them can't easy be found in Taiwan, Yellow-throated Bunting rarely fly via Taiwan when migrating and Green Peafowl only feed in zoo. Mallard and Chinese Grey Shrike are mostly can be found in mainland China.
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