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17 May 2009

Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers

Arctic Tern (北極燕鷗)
Canada (2009)

27th April, 2009. Semans, Saskatchewan

In late-2008, two postal admissions Finland and Chile decided to cooperate hold a project of preserve polar regions and glaciers issue, facing the environment problem of glaciers in polar regions and high mountains are disappearing in recent years, two postal admissions known that stamp is the best media to promote this affair to each people in different corners. More than 40 countries joined this campaign and will be issued the same theme stamps in this year, here shown two of them, Canada and Algeria, different designs telling what species live in two polar regions or artist illustration of this affair.

Canadian stamps shown three species : Arctic Tern originally lives and breeds in wide range of North Pole area, after summer the bird migrates to another pole - Antarctica, for finding food until the autumn of Antarctica is coming, it flies over 38,000 km approximately between two poles in each year. Adélie Penguin (阿德利企鵝) and Emperor Penguin (皇帝企鵝), which shown in the lower part of souvenir sheet's frame are live in Antarctica.

Preserve the Polar Regions and Glaciers (保護極地與冰川)
Algeria (2009)
28th March, 2009. M'Sila (First day special postmark)
2nd April, 2009. Sétif
4th May, 2009. Hongkong
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