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19 May 2009

Red-masked Parakeet

Red-masked Parakeet (紅面具錐尾鸚鵡)
Ecuador (2006)

8th May, 2009. Aeropuerto, Guyaquil

Red-masked Parakeet or called Red-masked Conure which only lives in western Ecuador and north-west part of Peru. It is a beautiful but noisy bird, sometimes can found them in cities or villages but mostly lives in rain forest which range under 1000m level. It also a popular pet in many countries as it looks cute and nice.

The cover illustrated wildlife Red-masked Parakeet flies over a village and fields in mountain area of Ecuador, and the stamp shown a parakeet taking a rest at branch. Thanks John of his great cover and postcard, they really are nice collection for me.
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