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8 June 2009

Barn Owl and Eurasian Kestrel

Up : Barn Owl (倉鴞) and Down : Eurasian Kestrel (紅隼)
Great Britain (2003)
14th July, 2008. Great Portland Street, London

It is an interesting stamp set issued by Great Britain illustrate their flying motion of two prey of birds, Bran Owl and Eurasian Kestrel are very common in this country or over the world. Beside two poles, they can easily be found. Eurasian Kestrel lives in field or grassland of hill area, normally actives at nightfall independency. Barn Owl only actives at night live in forest area, coloured grey-white with wide wings and long legs. Rodent (齧齒目) is its main food, some Barn Owls can eat 7 mouse at one night.
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