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24 June 2009

Collared Bush Robin

Collared Bush Robin (栗背林鴝)
Taiwan (1999)

4th July, 2008. Alishan, Chiayi
10th July, 2008. Hongkong

Collared Bush Robin is a small bird endemic to Taiwan, it mostly can be found in middle to high level hill areas. Male with colourful feathers but female only in grey-brown coloured. Alishan is one of living place of Collared Bush Robin, visitor can easily find and obverse the birds, and there also is a famous tourism sight in Taiwan.

On this aerogramme also featured three species Mikado Pheasant (帝雉), Varied Tit (赤腹山雀) and Himalayan Tree Pie (樹鵲) which issued on 2007. Thanks James for this amazing aerogramme.
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