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16 June 2009

Hawks of Australia

From left to right :
49c : Australian Kestrel (澳洲隼) ; 98c : Red Goshawk (赤鷹)
98c : Spotted Harrier (斑鷂) ; 49c : Wedge-tailed Eagle (楔尾鷹)
Australia (2001)

26th May, 2009. Hawks Nest, New South Wales

From May 26, Hawks Nest begins to use new pictorial postmark, where is a small town outside Sydney 220 km. Postmark features two hawks and one beach ball, as the town nearest Come Island Nature Reserve and beaches face Pacific Ocean. However it is not easy to identify these two hawks on the postmark, maybe they are Red Goshawk and Australian Kestrel.

Four eagles and hawks are very common in Australia, but they are live in different places. In New South Wales, only Red Goshawk and Australian Kestrel can be found as Spotted Harrier does not live in seashore of Australia and Wedge-tailed only can be found in desert area of Australia.
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