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11 June 2009

Ibis of Cambodia

From left to right bottom :
600R : Black-headed Ibis (黑頭白環) ; 2100R : Giant Ibis (巨鷺)
3500R : White-shouldered Ibis (白肩黑䴉) ; 800R : Glossy Ibis (白頭䴉鸛)
1500R : Bengal Florican (南亞鴇)
Cambodia (2006)

30th May, 2009. Phnom Penh
5th June, 2009. Hongkong

A set of beautiful bird stamps affixed on the cover sent from the capital of Cambodia, it looks very colourful but seems oddly, some colours are too sharp and do not match well. It was a latest bird issue of this country illustrate six resident birds of Cambodia, however back issues of this country are not in good image for collectors as most of stamps don't related to Cambodia and not for postal used.

Those five ibis are endemic to Cambodia or widely live in Far East to southern Indian. two of these six stamps, values 800R and 2400R also illustrate two more species on the background, they are Indian Spot-billed Duck (印度花嘴鴨) and Lesser Whistling Duck (栗樹鴨) separately, they are very common ducks in south-east Asia.
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