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5 June 2009

Mandarin Duck

Mandarin Duck (鴛鴦)
Japan (1992)

15th March, 2008. Tottori Central (with pictorial postmark)

Mandarin Duck is one of common bird in north-east China and Japan, and it always appears on the folk story or oriental art of these countries, in Chinese it may related to a couple. It mostly lives and bleeds in ponds and wetlands, and migrates to south-east of China in winter. Male with colourful brown and greenish feathers with reddish beak but female only with grey coloured feathers. Although Mandarin Duck is very common, same as other species it faces illegal hunting and living place being damaged.

Mandarin Duck is symbol bird of Tottori prefecture, a small prefecture in the west of Honshū. Over 90% area are hill and mountains, the famous product is pear.
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