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8 August 2009

Animals of Gabon

100 F : Hippopotamus (河馬) ; 125 F : Common Duiker (灰霓羚)
225 F : Pink-backed Pelican (粉紅背鵜鶘)
Gabon (1998)

Northeast Congo Lion (東北剛果獅)
Gabon (2000)

13th July, 2009. Libreville (Philatelic Bureau)
15th July, 2009. Libreville Central
16th July, 2009. Libreville
24th July, 2009. Hongkong

Gabon located in the central of Africa near Equator, neighbourhood with Central African Republic, Republic of Congo, Cameroon, Equator Guinea and offshore islands country São Tomé e Príncipe. There are 13 national parks established by Gabon under the period of ex-president Omar Bongo (1935-2009), those parks can obverse many famous animals, birds and plants. Gabon post office issued huge number of animal and bird stamps after its independence. Here are four of them and one is bird.

Same as other pelicans, Pink-backed Pelican likes visible in ponds, seasonal flooding areas and wetlands. It nests in the tree, fish and amphibians are their main food. It widely can be found in Africa except northern African countries.

This cover sent through registered mail by philatelic bureau of Gabon, special thanks they affixed one more stamp on the back side of the envelope, it is an airmail stamp issued on 1980 to celebrate 50th anniversary of first aircraft fly to south Atlantic, the stamp now is quite expensive in market.
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