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23 September 2009

Akohekohe and Cardinal Myzomela

L : Akohekohe (冠旋蜜鳥) ; R : Cardinal Honeyeater (深紅攝蜜鳥)
United States (1998)

11th August, 2009. Kansas City (Stamp Fulfillment Service), Missouri

Akohekohe is an endemic species to Hawaii, now the population are estimated to 1.200 and being endanger, most of them live in East Maui Watershed. Same as most endemic species of Honeyeater in Hawaii, it also faces over-hunting and the change of resident area but luckily it still remains. Cardinal Honeyeater to be found in Hawaii to Guam, and islands of South Pacific located in Fiji, Micronesia and Samoa. Now it listed as an endangered species and its subspecies Guam Cardinal Honeyeater (關島深紅攝蜜鳥) has been extinct since 1984.

This cover originally sent from Guam which attached a cancelled maxicard, however it gone to Stamp Fulfillment Service of Kansas City.
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