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21 September 2009

Joint issue - France and India

L : Gallic Rooster (高盧雄雞) ; R : India Peafowl (藍孔雀)
France (2003)

24th August, 2009. Forum-des-halles, Paris

It is the second time to post joint issue stamps here, the first one was Hongkong, which cooperated with Sweden on 2003. This stamp set, designer illustrated the emblems of these two countries by decorative method - Gallic Rooster (La coq gaulois) of France and India Peafowl of India, and stamps printed in multi-coloured intaglio.

Gallia is the old name of France area which named by Roman Empire (27 BC-395), and also the word gallia means rooster in Latin language. Gallic Rosster became an emblem since the first republic era while it appears on the national flag. India Peafowl is a national bird of India, different then Green Peafowl (綠孔雀), the body is in blue colour. It mainly lives in Pakistan, India and Sri Lanka. Nowadays, same as Green Peafowl, many of peafowls fed by zoos or peoples.

At last, I would say thanks to François who sent me couple of covers from France, they are very attractive.