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12 September 2009

Definitive stamps of Canada

$1 : Great Northern Diver (普通潛鳥) ; $2 : Peregrine Falcon (擬游隼)
Canada (1998, 2005)

24th June, 2008. Semans, Saskatchewan

In last century of post-90's years, Canada Post begins issue new designed high value definitive stamps feature animals and birds, which to replace architecture series. Denominations include the highest value stamp in Canada from $1 to $8. Here is two of them, thanks Eve of her nice cover. Great Northern Diver widely to be found in Canada or northern America, also some of birds live in Iceland, same as other loons, it can dive as deep as 60m for finding foods. The bird also appears on the $1 coin and $20 notes of Canada.

Peregrine Falcon is a common prey in the world, and there have many subspecies live in different area. Only northern and north-west of Canada can be seen the appearances. The stamp, issued on 2005, to replace same denomination illustrated Polar Bear, was issued on the same day of Great Northern Diver stamp.
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