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27 September 2009

Madagascar Red Fody

Madagascar Red Fody (馬島福迪雀)
Mayotte (2009)

17th August, 2009. Mtzamboro

Madagascar Red Fody is a pretty reddish small bird, same as the name, it to be found in islands of Indian Ocean mainly range from Madagascar, La Réunion, Comoros, Mauritius and Seychelles ; and also some of them appear on St Helena of South Atlantic Ocean. Male looks red but with blackish wings, oppositely female in brownish colour of its body. The stamp, issued by Mayotte in this year illustrates a pair of bird in male and female respectively.

Mayotte is a group of few islands located in the middle of Madagascar and Union of Comoros, now is one of French overseas collectivities in South-east Africa, Union of Comoros says it is a part of its country. However Mahoran wants to keep its status until 2001 after voted in early 2009, and it to be become an overseas territory of France.
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