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12 November 2009

Birds of the tropics (1)

500K : Cockatiel (雞尾鸚鵡) ; 600K : Amazonian Umbrellabird (亞馬遜傘鳥)
Zambia (2000)

23rd September, 2009. Ndola
24th September, 2009. Lusaka

Actually, many issues produced by IPGS are quite non-collectable, this largest world philatelic agency helps many countries to produce their stamps and it has right to control the country what themes to be issue. As a result, many themes are not related to issue countries or total quantity of stamps and sheets are not reasonably in each issue. In here there have been shown two examples the Gambia and Grenada, now showing third country Zambia. Above two stamps are come from Birds of the tropics issued on 2000, this issue includes 5 single stamps, 3 sheetlets and 2 souvenir sheets, total 31 individual stamps illustrate different birds over the world, but none of them to be found in Zambia ! I only collected those single stamps and will be shown them in two threads in here.

Cockatiel is endemic to Australia, which is one of popular pet in the world. Cockatiel is one of smallest parrot in Psittacidae (鸚鵡科), wild birds mostly live in wetlands and frutex jungles. Origin type is in grey coloured body, orange-yellowed crest with yellowish or white coloured face of male birds, and female birds in light greyed colour. Both sexes feature a round orange area on both ear areas called cheek patches. Crest will be risen up when it feels frighted or excitation.

Unfortunately, only Zambia issued cockatiel stamp and no other replacement. Australia had issued postal stationary illustrate cockatiel but not confirm when did it issue.

Males of Amazonian Umbrellabird is the largest bird of Cotingidae (傘鳥科) in South America, length measured up to estimate 50cm. There have two main communities of its inhabit area, one located in woodland forests and branches near Amazon Basin, another in the eastern Andes. Same as other umbrellabird it overlooks black with a conspicuous umbrella shaped crest, and an inflatable wattle on the neck, which serves to amplify their loud, booming calls.
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