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4 November 2009

Miscellaneous from Taiwan

I known it is not a time have conclusion of this beautiful Taiwan domestic bird definitive stamp set. However I would like to show three miscellaneous items include below newest pre-paid envelope which related to this stamp set, when the files stored in my computer couple of time.

Island Thrush (白頭鶇)
Taiwan (2009)

23rd September, 2009. Taipei (Processing Centre)

Above pre-paid envelope issued as traditional Chinese style to suitable most of Taiwanese writing habit, locals mostly write letter and envelope in vertical style and never change their habit for a long time. Nowadays in Chinese circle, only Taiwanese still keep this habit and most of others are using horizontal or western style. Pre-paid stamp is Island Thrush originally issued on January of this year with the denomination NT$9, now changed to NT$25 for basic domestic registered mail rate.

Siberian Rubythroat (野鴝)
Taiwan (2008)

30th October, 2008. Taipei

Second one is a returned mail sent from Taipei to Hengchun, the insufficient address and receiver were quite popular in last year which come from local awarded film Cape No. 7 and its name of actress. Special seal on the left side of envelope illustrated a screen of the film postmarked by Pingtung post office.

Special thanks James of these two interested items.

Daurian Redstart (黃尾鴝)
Taiwan (2007)

3rd November, 2007. Taipei

The last one is a failed maxicard, there may not have any problem when take a first look. But it is incorrect due to the card illustrated Common Redstart (紅尾鴝) and the stamp is Daurian Redstart.
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