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18 November 2009

Unseen or endemic to Madagascar

From top to bottom :
Two-banded Chameleon (雙帶變色龍) ; Giant Leaf-tailed Gecko (馬達加斯加葉尾守宮)
Military Macaw (軍艦金剛鸚鵡)
Lesser Chameleon (侏儒變色龍) ; Standing's Day Gecko (雲石巨人日光壁虎)
Malagasy / Madagascar (1993, 1999)

30th September, 2009. CAVP (Centre d'Approvisionnement en Valeurs Postales)
14th October, 2009. Antananarivo (Processing Centre)
2nd November, 2009. Hongkong

Although only the souvenir sheet related to bird theme, the macaw can't be found in Madagascar. Military Macaw is a large macaw in Latin and South America. Due to the vary inhabit areas, it widely to be found in topical rainforest, woodland or valley. Although the macaw was a popular pet in yesterday, nowadays as the change of inhabit area and illegal trading, it listed as vulnerable species in IUCN red list.

Oppositely, four stamps issued as WWF theme illustrate four chameleons and geckos individually are endemic to Madagascar. These four species are now as endanger species, unfortunately same as Military Macaw, they are facing illegal trading for pet market and the change of resident area.

The souvenir sheet and stamp set issued in different periods of Magagascar - former name Malagasy Republic and present name Republic of Madagascar are mixed on one cover. Madagascar is an island country located in the offshore of East Africa which is a fourth large island in the world, there can be found 5% species of the world and 80% of them are endemic to Madagascar.
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