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23 November 2009

Where are the birds ?

38p : Variegated Scallop (斑麗扇貝), Dogwhelk (疣荔枝螺)
European Cowrie (紫貝) and Painted Topshell (馬蹄螺)
20p : Burnet Rose (蘇格蘭薔薇)
Guernsey (1999)

6th August, 2009. Herm Island

In 1999, Guernsey issued a set of Natural Park and Reserves which includes one Europa stamp, four stamps illustrated different species found in Herm Island, meantime, each stamp respectively shown one label issued on 1954 by Herm Island, as the island still owned by private at the time.

Above cover features two stamps of this stamp set, one is different kind of shells on the beach and another is wild flower growing beside beach. However, could you find any bird inside the stamps ? In the 38p stamp, designer also illustrated a pair of Eurasian Oystercatcher (蠣鴴) for finding shells as their food. Different than American Oystercatcher (美洲蠣鷸), it only to be found in Europe and Asia, and Africa when the bird migrate to there in winter.
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