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9 December 2009

Joint issue - Baltic birds

From left to bottom :
Western Osprey (魚鷹) ; Black-tailed Godwit (黑尾塍鷸)
Common Shelduck (翹鼻麻鴨) ; Common Merganser (川秋沙)
Estonia (1992)
17th September, 2007. Jöhvi

In 2002, four Baltic countries Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania and Sweden were issued a set of common designed stamps features four Baltic birds, when Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania were newly independent from former USSR. Four stamps are printed in intaglio and issued as booklet format. Four birds are commonly to be found in these four countries, Black-tailed Godwit breeds from Iceland to most of Europe, and also areas of Central Asia. The bird migrates to Australia, western Europe and western Africa in winter. Now Black-tailed Godwit classified as near threatened. Merganser is a large-sized duck distributed over north Eurasia and North America, most commonly lives in the lacks and rivers.

For enough postage, a Northern Lapwing (鳳頭麥雞) stamp issued on 2001 also be affixed on the envelope, thanks Kristiina for this nice cover.
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