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26 December 2009

Touristic postmarks of Swiss

In the past here had shown some pictorial postmarks from Switzerland, but as the limited writing, here did not write any detailed description about these pretty postmarks. These postmarks called touristic postmarks. Now review them once as below.

From left to right :

City sight (城市景色), 3000 Bern
City sight (城市景色), 6204 Sempach Stadt ; Ibex (羱羊), 7530 Zernez

Touristic postmarks are long history in Swiss postal history, since 40's years of last century, many post offices where have special sight or located in tourist points were started to use pictorial postmarks to replace regular postmarks, mostly they illustrate the sight of village, mountains, bridges or local residences. However few of them illustrate natural animals and other local industry. In recent days, I received two more touristic postmarks, the first one is illustrated wetland of Brittnau, the couple of White Stork (白鸛) is bleeding their chicken in their nest. The far background is Brittnau, it is a small village in the north side of Switzerland. Second one affixed with two bird stamps Bullfinch and Great Tit, which issued on 1968 and 2007 respectively. These two birds are very common to be find in this nation. The cancellation illustrated local residence St. Wendelin, which built in 1576.

Four seasons of Switzerland (瑞士四季景色)
(L : Jura ; R : Engadin, Grischun)
Switzerland (1996)

10th November, 2009. Brittnau

L : Bullfinch (紅腹灰雀) ; R : Great Tit (大山雀)
Switzerland (1968, 2007)

20th November, 2009. Geuensee

L : White Stork (白鸛), 4805 Brittnau
R : Kapelle St. Wendeln (St. Wendeln 住宅), 6232 Geuensee

In the end of this post, also have one cover from Swiss would shown here. The cover affixed two latest definitive stamps issue and sent from Lausanne. Unfortunately it cancelled by regular postmark but it looks fine. Thank you Vural of Switzerland and David of France to send me these nice and beautiful covers. Following days may obtain more Swiss touristic postmarks for the collection.

L : Chaffinch (蒼頭燕雀) : R : Great Tit (大山雀)
Switzerland (2007)

7th November, 2009. Saint-François, Lausanne
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