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4 January 2010

Birds of the Jordan Valley (1)

L : Golden Eagle (金雕) ; R : Black Stork (黑鸛)
Israel (2002)

25th November, 2009. Jerusalem

The first post in 2010 is better to show series. Here I would show two covers from Israel during this January, which are the birds to be found in Jordan Valley. Thanks Eli of his great help to send me these nice covers from Jerusalem.

The first one is affixed with two stamps of the stamp set, Golden Eagle and Black Stork. Golden Eagle is a famous and very common prey of birds in the world, its characteristics like flying speed and the colour of feather are specially remind in people memory, mostly it to be found in valley and mountains. Black Stork also is a common bird in the world, In bleeding season, it widely lives in Eurasia, from western Europe to Far East of China, and migrate to the south for winter, like sub-African countries, south-east China or India Peninsula.

Jordan Valley is located in the border of Israel and Jordan, it is a geographical region and a a part of of Jordan Rift Valley. Now about 111,000 residents of these two countries are living in this area.

For enough postage of the mail, a make-up rate definitive stamp which issued on 1992 also be affixed on the far left of the envelope, it illustrates Tristram's Grackle (紅海栗翅椋鳥) is a species of Sturnidae (椋鳥科) endemic to the red sea area of Israel and Saudi Arabia.
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