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28 January 2010

French DOM collection (3) - French Guiana

Channel-billed Toucan (藍面巨嘴鳥)
France (2003)
21st November, 2009. Cayenne Central, French Guiana

As I need collaborate the production of new book publishing, sorry for about the late update schedule. Here I will present two covers from French Guiana and Israel on these few days of January. French Guiana is a DOM of France, seems it I have been introduced in here before - a species to be found in this South America nation. But different that is the cover really sent from there.

As the last description, the toucan is very normal to be found in the area from Trinidad to tropical forest of Brazil, sometimes may be visible in central Bolivia. There are 4 sub-species be classified and the stamp shown the nominate race R. v. vitellinus one, this sub-species mostly to be found in north-east of South America tropical rain forest.

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