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1 February 2010

Hooded Crane

Hooded Crane (白頭鶴)
Japan (1992)
27th November, 2009. Izumi, Kagoshima

Thanks James of his surprise to send me this nice cover from Japan, actually it seems wonderful as I still have not complete this waterfront bird series, which are 20 stamps issued on 1991 to 1993. This stamp, with the Tufted Puffin (花魁鳥) stamp also sent by James are came from part 3 of this series, and also sent from the bird's inhabit places. Hooded Crane is a small darkness bird breeds in the mid-southern and eastern-south areas of Siberia, and migrates to South Korea, China, and Japan. Especially near 80% birds will stay in Izumi, southern area of Japan during winter.
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