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13 February 2010

Nyasa Lovebird

Nyasa Lovebird (尼亞情侶鸚鵡)
Malawi (2009)

14th December, 2009. Chichiri Central (Stamp Bureau)
14th December, 2009. Chichiri, Blantyre
15th December, 2009. Lilongwe

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day, it is a big festival of couple. If find one species related to this festival, I think lovebird is the most suitable bird for couple. Most of people thought that a pair of birds is better than one if people breed lovebird at home as the habit of wild life lovebird mostly appear as couple until die.

There have 9 species in Agapornis (情侶鸚鵡) genus, all of them are to be found in sub-Sahara area of Africa. Nyasa Lovebird is one of nine and is the smallest parrot in Africa, also it is endemic to Malawi, Mozambique to Zambia areas. Nowadays less than 20,000 birds recorded and most of them inhabits Liwonde National Park, a conservation area located on the upper Shire River plain of Malawi. Due to the agricultural purposes of this area, the lovebird being restricted, and the bird does not have ability to find their inhabit place outside the national park. Nyasa Lovebird does not like captivity, so it is hard to breed humanly. The bird is not common in pet market, however still have many people feed them at home.

Actually I am very fancy to lovebird, beside it is a parrot, the colourful feather and its sound are very attractive to me. Unfortunately the environment of my home is not suitable to pet any birds. This Nyasa Lovebird's cover is the first in my collection, hope I can collect all 9 species covers and cards in future.

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