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24 May 2010

Ducks of South Pacific

Northern Shoveler (琵嘴鴨)
Kiribati (2001)

22nd January, 2001. Kiribati (first day postmark)

Kiribati is in the middle of Pacific Ocean, and it also only one country in the world across the date line. Although the country includes 32 atolls widely dispersed over 3.500.000 kilometre square, there still can be found hundred of seabirds. Here shown a maxicard and an envelope affixed part of Duck stamp set issued by Kiribati on 2001.

Northern Shoveler and Chinese Spot-bill Duck are two ducks commonly to be found in Eurasia, they also migrate to the south during winter. Above maxicard shown the male Northern Shovelers in different colour recorded in winter and summer, while the last card of Hongkong shown both sexes of shoveler. Below cover, affixed with three duck stamps only Chinese Spot-bill Duck to be found in Kiribati. Another two are endemic to New Zealand or Fiji respectively.

From left to right :
Mountain Duck (山鴨) ; Wandering Whistling Duck (胸斑樹鴨)
Chinese Spot-bill Duck (斑嘴鴨)
Kiribati (2001)

19th March, 2010. Betio, Tarawa
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