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10 May 2010

International Year of Biodiversity (1) - Portugal

0,80 € : Minute Hermit (微隱蜂鳥) ; 0,68 € : Giant Panda (大熊貓)
Portugal (2010)

8th March, 2010. Lisbon (featuring first day special postmark)
15th March, 2010. Hongkong

This year, the United Nations proclaimed that 2010 is the International Year of Biodiversity. More than 180 countries to be held a thousands of event as celebration. Stamp is one of media to promote this affair, thus until now more than 10 postal administrations include Hongkong participate to issue special stamps of this joint theme, the first one was Swiss issued on March 4. In here shown the one is Portugal, which followed the Swiss issue released on March 8.

The stamp set illustrates 5 different species include fish, shark, hummingbird, giant panda and gorilla. They are live in different environment and geographic zones. Above first day cover only selected two of 4 stamps and souvenir sheet, Minute Hermit and Giant Panda. Minute Hermit is a tiny hummingbird endemic to humid Atlantic Forest, where located in the eastern Brazil. The stamp shown the bird and a plant of orchid, which is its food also to be found in the forest. Giant Panda is origin from Sichuan of China, which also is endemic to this area and unfortunately their inhabit place and conversation area were damaged by earthquake on 2008.

It is the first cover of the International Year of Biodiversity. In future here will be shown the issues of South Africa, Belarus, Hungary and Hongkong. Below cover was sent from Pombal by José, thanks for his great mail includes maxicards and hummingbird stamp.

15th March, 2010. Formiga (Industrial Zone), Pombal
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