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8 June 2010

Common birds of the Faroes

From left to right :
70 Øre : Faeroe Common Snipe (法羅田鷸) ; 250 Øre : Whimbrel (中杓鷸)
180 Øre : Islandic Oystercatcher (冰島蠣鷸)
The Faroes (1977)

13th April, 2010. Tórshavn

Few days ago, on April 26. I received back the philatelic request of the Faroes, it was my second times to send things to this northern beautiful islands, the first one was a registered mail featuring poultry sent on 2008. The islands, located between England and Iceland is a territory of Denmark, it began to issue its own stamps since 1976 and above illustrated cover, seems one unidentified cliff in the Faroes, featuring two sets of bird stamps issued on 1977 plus one Beaked Whale (梭氏中喙鯨) WWF stamp issued on 1990.

Those three species are commonly to be found in the islands. Faeroe Common Snipe is a sub-species of snipe which only lives in Iceland, the Faroes and Shetland Orkney ; the bird will migrate to Africa for winter. As well as the snipe, Islandic Oystercatcher also is a sub-species of oystercather, the bird mostly to be found in northern area and also migrates to south during winter. Islandic Oystercatcher is the national bird of the Faroes. Whimbrel is also a migratory bird to be found in northern Europe and northwest Asia.
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