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13 June 2010


Eurasian Coot (骨頂雞)
Belgium (2010)

23rd May, 2010. Puurs

In May 12, Belgian Post issued a special Buzin definitive features Eurasian Coot, it specially for domestic election mails costs 0,28 €. After a while I sent an advise to dealer that I would collect a copy of mail, unfortunately he objected my advise but he suggested that he can make an example for me - that is shown as above. The national elections of Belgium will be held on 13 June of same year.

Eurasian Coot is a common bird in Europe, it looks black except white of their head. Coot mostly builds the nest on grass or dead reeds, birdwatchers maybe easy to find them as it is a noisy bird, it sounds whole day and night.
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