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16 August 2010

Henry Constantine Richter

Roseate Tern (粉紅燕鷗)
Australia (2009)
3rd June, 2010. Strathfield, Sydney

Henry Constantine Richter (1821–1902), who was an Australian zoological illustrator in 19th century. He illustrated couple of animal pictures related Australia and Oceania. Above aerogramme, which issued by Australia Post on 2009, was one of a set of 5 aerogrammes features his works. Thanks Gesen his great help of the aerogramme and last first day cover.

Roseate Tern is not the first time appear on this blog, it is a quite common tern around the world. The aerogramme illustrated its sub-species S. d. gracilis, only to be found in Australia and New Caledonia, the main feather of this sub-species is the bill is longer than other Roseate Terns.
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