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8 July 2010

Piping Plover

Piping Plover (笛鴴)
Barbados (1999)

5th May, 2010. St Lucy
6th May, 2010. Bridgetown (Registration Branch, GPO)

Piping Plover is a small size plover as little as House Sparrow (麻雀), it looks sand colour ; the legs of adult plovers in orange colour, and also with black brand between two eyes. During the breeding period, birds will have one more ring in the neck. Piping Plover mostly breeding in the coast of Five-lake zone, Canada ; also the Atlantic coastlines of Canada and the United States. In winter, they will migrate to south as far as Gulf of Mexico and Caribbean islands.

Above WWF series stamp issued by Barbados on 1999 shown the plover's eggs, juvenile, males and females respectively. The background illustrated they mostly appear on the bank or waterfront. In Barbados, only few (not more than 100 populations) Piping Plover to be found in each year during migratory seasons, they mostly live in north and east side of the country. This cover, was sent from St Lucy post office where is the northernmost parish of Barbados.
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