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1 August 2010

Amazing Asian Aminals

Toco Toucan (托哥巨嘴鳥) and Long-eared Owl (長耳鴞)
Hongkong (2010)

30th April, 2010. Hongkong

To commemorate the first year of foundation of Amazing Asian Animals in Ocean Park, Hongkong Post issued a set of pre-paid postcard to show the collection of the centre, which includes giant pandas, goldfishes, endangered birds and other animals. Here I selected one of cards only has birds, however I dislike this card as the toucan is not locally species. The toucan, only to be found in Amazon topical rainforest, due to illegal cage-bird trading, the wild-life population is decreasing, and recent years the toucan listed as protected species and the population becomes stable.
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