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29 August 2010

Monfragüe National Park

Monfragüe National Park (蒙弗拉格國家公園)
Spain (2010)
14th August, 2010. Granada

After the first series of National Park of Spain on April, the second series came out on July and one of the three stamps featuring Griffon Vulture (黑白禿鷲). Monfragüe National Park, is also an UNESCO heritage site listed on 2003, which is the largest inhabit and breeding place of Griffon Vulture in Extremadura area. Beside of Monfragüe, Griffon Vulture also mostly to be found in mountain areas of Spain especially on The Pyrenees. The stamp as above shown the famous sight in the Monfragüe - The rock Peñafalcon, which near Río Tajo, the southernmost border of Monfragüe National Park.
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