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5 August 2010

Songbird of Australia

Mangrove Golden Whistler (紅樹金厚頭嘯鶲)
Australia (2009)

15th May, 2010. Strathfield, Sydney

In last year, 2009. Australia Post issued a set of Domestic Songbirds stamps which features four amazing songbirds, the stamps illustrated by famous Australian wildlife artist Christopher Pope who also is an illustrator of Visiting Birds series of Cocos (Keeling) Islands issued on 2008. Two of the stamps, Scarlet Honeyeater (緋紅攝蜜鳥) of Domestic Songbirds and White-headed Stilt (白頭長腳鷸) of Visiting Birds won the vote of National stamp of Year 2009 and Regional Stamp of Year 2008. In here is presenting a first day cover (actually not sent on day of issue) featuring one of beautiful stamp Mangrove Golden Whistler and the illustration Noisy Scrub-bird (嘈雜藪鳥) which appears on the cover.

Mangrove Golden Whistler is endemic Australian bird to be found in north-western part of West Australia, some of birds are live in North Territory and Queensland. it mostly growing in forest near waterfront. Noisy Scrub-bird, also is an endemic bird of South-west Australia. Normally very small populations to be found in Two Peoples Bay of West Australia before 60's year of last century. Afterward, they humanly translocated to nearby Waychinicup National Park, Bald Island. Nowadays only near 1.100 population recorded as the loss natural habitat.
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