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20 August 2010

Weaver birds of Namibia

From left to right :
N$4,20 : Sociable Weaver (社交織布工)
Postcard rate : White-browed Sparrow-Weaver (麻雀織布工)
Inland reg. mail rate : Thick-billed Weaver (厚嘴織布鳥)
N$3,70 : Red-headed Weaver (紅頭織布鳥)
Stand. mail rate : Southern Masked Weaver (黑額織布鳥)
Namibia (2008)

23rd May, 2010. Windhoek Central

In recent years, Namibia Post issues couple of bird stamp sets and most of them are attractive to theme collectors. Mostly each set featuring four to five stamps and only related to one family. Above example which appears on the cover, was issued on 2008 illustrated 5 different wavers to be found in Namibia or south-western Africa. Thanks for Yoram who arranged the covers from the booths of Namibia and Botswana (until now, 3rd July. The cover still disappears), which two philatelic bureaux were shown in London 2010. However very sorry to tell you that originally the cover should sent by registered mail ! Namibia Post made a big mistake for us.
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