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21 January 2013

WWF stamps again of South Georgia

From left to right :
70p : Antarctic Tern (南極燕鷗) ; 60p : South Georgia Shag (南喬治亞鸕鶿)
95p : Brown Skua (褐賊鷗) ; £1,10 : Kelp Gull (黑背鷗)

South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands (2012)
20th August, 2012. King Edward Point

In each few years, the South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands issues their WWF stamps, the above cover features the latest WWF stamp set issued on 2012, this is the first time features 4 species instead as before - 1 species for 4 stamps.

For species are common in sub-Antarctic ocean and islands - Antarctic Tern looks similar with Arctic Tern (北極燕鷗), however the wings of Antarctic Tern are in grey colour and only actives in Antarctic Ocean. South Georgia Shag is endemic to South Georgia and some sub-Antarctic Islands of South Atlantic Ocean. Brown Skua is a large seabird that breeds in the sub-Antarctic and Antarctic zones and moves further north when not breeding. Kelp Gull to be found in wide area of sub-Antarctic, southern Africa, South-America and Australia, include those offshore islands.

Below is the receipt of the registered mail, it shown that the post office still using traditional registration label in 2012.