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6 September 2010

Coat of arms of Latvia

Coat of arms :
5s : White Stork (白鸛) ; 13s : Raven (渡鴉)
Latvia (2010, 1996)
European Roller (藍胸佛法僧)

Latvia (2010)
28th June, 2010. Riga

Thanks to Olegs, I receive the first bird cover from Latvia, it is the newest country to have bird cover in my collection. Of course, if only court all the covers I have, this one is not the first one from this small eastern-Europe country. The bird stamp is the latest issue but so pity that it is not much special - I mean the species has been issued by many countries before. European Roller was quite common in the bank of Baltic Sea's countries like Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia to most east European area, but in recent years the population is decreasing quickly and now near endanger.

The cover also featuring three coat of arms definitive stamps, which only two of them are related to bird. White Stork is delegate of Staicele and Raven is delegate of Preiļi. Another coat of arm related to bird is Gulebene, the delegate is Mute Swan (啞天鵝).
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