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20 September 2010

Waterbirds, joint issue of Hongkong and Sweden

$2,40 : Horned Grebe (角鸊鷈) ; $1,40 : Pied Avocet (反嘴鷸)
Hongkong (2003)
12th May, 2010. Kwai Fong

In 2003, Hongkong and Sweden issued a set of common design stamps featuring four waterbirds, which are to be found in both country and this small city. However, unfortunately do not know who made a mistake, Black-throated Loon is not possible to be found in Hongkong ! Anyway the stamps are attractive as it engraved by Czeslaw SLANIA, who is the famous Swedish stamp engraver but death in few years ago.

The stamp Pied Avocet has been shown in maxicard before, Horned Grebe and Great Crest Grebe are species in same family Grebes (鷿鷈科), which contain 22 species in 6 extant genera. These two grebes are migratory birds, they are breeding in northern Eurasia and migrate to south for winter, Hongkong is one of places for them during this season. The two covers shown here were sent on the same day, it was a first day of introducing of roller postmark in 28 post offices. Kwai Fong and Tsuen Wan are two of them and others to be shown in soapbox since June.

$3,00 : Black-throated Loon (黑喉潛鳥) ; $5,00 : Great Crested Grebe (鳳頭鸊鷉)
Hongkong (2003)
12th May, 2010. Tsuen Wan
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