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15 October 2010

Raptors of Algeria

L : Golden Eagle (金雕) ; R : Peregrine Falcon (擬游隼)
Algeria (2010)
13th March, 2010. Setif

Unfortunately, until now. I don't receive a formal copy of the raptors FDC from the Algerian friend, so I only show the covers even they not look like attractive, I think it is time to give up wait for this item. Although Golden Eagle is commonly in worldwide, it only lives in Northern Africa from Tunisia to Morocco and part of Sahara area of Morocco. Peregrine Falcon, it also a common raptor in worldwide. Only F. p. pelegrinoides to be found in northern Algeria.

Also, I have been received two FDCs of this issue which sent by Ouari and Zinc, but what a shame that one of them damaged during mail processing. Only one stamp left on the cover.

Lanner Falcon (地中海隼)
Algeria (2010)
27th January, 2010. Setif
3rd March, 2010. Setif

20,00 Dinar : Peregrine Falcon (擬游隼) ; 15,00 Dinar : Golden Eagle (金雕)
20,00 Dinar : Lanner Falcon (地中海隼)
Algeria (2010)
27th January, 2010. Jijel
16th October, 2010. Jijel
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