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18 October 2010

Post & Go labels (I)

From left to right :
House Sparrow (家麻雀) ; Wood Pigeon (斑尾林鴿) ; Blue Tit (藍山雀)
Starling (椋鳥) ; European Robin (知更鳥) ; Goldfinch (紅額金翅雀)
Great Britain (2010)
17th September, 2010. Trafalgar Square, London

In 2007, Royal Mail and Post Office tried introduce self-service posting machines in selected branches, it will be more convenient to customer to post stuff. Following the machine, there has one specially designed label using on this system, and it was firstly appeared at Bristol. The label in golden coloured with queen head, similar with Machin definitive.

After 2 years, Post Office considered change the design of labels, the idea came from the election results of Big Garden Birdwatch by RSPB. 6 of 20 be selected in first series and more will be on further issues. Six birds are commonly and popular in nationwide are House Sparrow, Wood Pigeon, Goldfinch, Blue Tit, Starling and Robin, however only 5 labels in each strip, the sixth label will be provided on next strip.

Here are three different items which arranged on day of issue, thanks Yoram of London and Montse of Spain who done great help to me. The first one features whole set of labels, five are printed in worldwide up to 20g rate and one printed in national 100g rate total value £5,71 with made-up Machin stamps. It is correct registered postage under 40g to Hongkong. The labels were printed at Trafalgar Square. Second one just features one label which printed at City of London, ordinary machine postmark be acquired.

Starling (椋鳥)
Great Britain (2010)
17th September, 2010. Mount Pleasant, London

Also, a set of self-illustrated maxicards also arrange, it was the first set self-illustrations be produced as mass production. All illustrations similar as the backgrounds of this blog and 4 selected to show as below. The second series of Bird Post & Go labels is planned to be issued on January 2011.


From left to right :
Wood Pigeon (斑尾林鴿) ; Starling (椋鳥)
European Robin (知更鳥) ; Goldfinch (紅額金翅雀)

Great Britain (2010)
17th September, 2010. Bristol