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8 December 2010

Domestic birds in Middle-east

From left to bottom :
Eastern Orphean Warbler (東歌林鶯) ; Woodchat Shrike (林即鳥伯勞)
Isabelline Shrike (荒漠伯勞) ; Lesser Grey Shrike (黑額伯勞)
Chiffchaff (嘰咋柳鶯) ; Yellow Wagtail (黃鶺鴒)
State of Qatar (2010)
8th September, 2010. Doha

In this blog, rarely to show cover sent from Middle-East, here is the latest example features a set of bird stamps issued by Qatar. They are beautiful warblers and shrikes, thanks Dale sent me this nice cover with the cover of booklet. Honestly, I like the single stamps more than the stamps come from booklet, as they shown completed birds instead of only heads.

Six stamps only Eastern Orphean Warbler is new species to appear on stamp, it is sub-species of Orphean Warbler (歌林鶯) to be found and endemic to Central Asia. The bill is longer than another sub-species Western Orphean Warbler (西歌林鶯) and endemic to sub-Sahara area.

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