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13 December 2010

Peniche, Portugal

Razorbill (刀嘴海雀)
Portugal (2008)
30th June, 2010. Peniche

Nothing special, these maxicard and cover just the last items to complete the series International Polar Year, which issued on 2008. This time, I selected Peniche where is an important fishing town in the western coast of Portugal. The town with near 15,000 inhabitants also is a bird-watching paradise as there have cliffs and reserved islands Berlengas are breeding places of seabirds.

Unfortunately, postmark on the maxicard shown above is not clear enough, but it still readable. Please note that the bee-eater stamp is not valid for postage after April 30, but the post office still cancelled the stamp regularly.

From left to right :
0.30 €: Sanderling (三趾濱鷸) ; 1,00 € : Arctic Tern (南極燕鷗)
0,52 €: Razorbill (刀嘴海雀) ; 0,02 € : European Bee-eater (黃喉蜂虎)

Portugal (2008, 2002)
30th June, 2010. Peniche
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